Saturday, July 16, 2011

Drink and Give a Cup of Cool Water

When I was completing my doctoral requirements at the University of Iowa's teaching hospital, I attended a church in town whose bulletin invited guests to join members on the front lawn after the morning service to enjoy some Koo-Aid and cookies.  I cringed that any church would make that offer because this happened in the shadow of Jim Jones fruit drink mass suicide in Guyana. 

Over the years the church has been known for its drinks like the little song said: "Cookies and punch.  I don't want a lesson just cookies and punch!"

I, too enjoyed the snow-cones, fruit drinks during Bible school and iced tea at dinner on the ground.

On my journey back to health I have discovered that anything but pure water is polluted water--some more so than others.  God created our bodies to work on pure water.  That's what our brain needs for optimum performance and the rest of our body which is mostly water in its composition.  Anything else, like additives, caffeine, those chemical artificial sweeteners, are like putting old motor oil back into your car or worn out antifreeze in the cooling system of your car's engine.  Polluted water damages the Temple of God you live in.

So if you want to drink to good health, use water, pure unadulterated hydrogen dioxide.  And if you want to help a fellow pilgrim who is struggling to regain his or her health, give that fellow sojourner a cup of cold water.  Their bodies will thank you and they will thank you for helping them move toward optimal health. 

Join me in helping pay forward the gift of a return to health.  Email me at and let's talk about what we can do through the church to make a difference in the health of those about us.

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