Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Not by power, not by might"

These words from Zechariah used to be how I thought a person lost weight--by will power.  I have learned from my own health coach that will power does not work.  Well, I could have told her that from my own experience.  I remember dropping 40 pounds several years ago on a liquid only, doctor-supervised diet.  The anger was fueling a determination I was carrying at the time that sustained the weight loss for two months.  No one can stay angry indefinitely.  The anger gets displaced and misplaced in the body.  I not only regained the weight, but also more to spare.

Sounds a lot like that parable Jesus told about the evil spirit that was cast out and later determined to come back not only with a few fellow demons, but also with a vengeance.
That lesson has taught me that when you empty someone of something, you had better have something to fill up that spot or it will get filled up any way, often by something worse.

The program that has saved my life and helped me return to a healthy lifestyle, gives me something to fill up the loss of unhealthy fat.  --Back to the willpower!

If will power does not work, what does?  A goal, a plan, and healthy choices.  that creates hope and moves the person toward that goal.

I set a goal to have optimal health.  Then with the help of my health coach, I created a plan and a program to get there.  Now I make choices that take me to my goal. 

Let me tell you that is easier than trying to be the little engine that could and thin I can, think I can, think I can.  I just make choice and follow the plan.  Then the goal of optimal health shows up on the horizon and gets closer every day.

If sheer will power hasn't worked for you to reach your weight and health goals, contact me and I'll introduce you to the plan that gave me my health back.

If you are interested in helping others in your congregation or mission field to gain their health back through weight management, give me a holler, too.


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